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As the founder and president of Wade Instruments and Service, Inc., I've been developing software applications since 1995 and was convinced that every one of my programs was BRILLIANT! Problem was, my potential clients didn't quite seem to agree. Don't get me wrong... some customers did see "the magic" and bought a license or two - here and there. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest florists in northeast Ohio saw the genius as well and to this day uses one of my programs religiously. But I finally figured out - through what I call slap-side mule discipline - that this madness had to end. If I couldn't develop a program that solved a genuine need on a larger scale, I was simply wasting my time.

Through dwindling sales and out of financial need, I took a part time job as an electrical instructor at a well established local trade school teaching night classes. After all - and at that time - I had  20 years of experience in Industrial Maintenance - most of which - was in the electrical field.

The courses that I taught were AC/DC Theory, Motor Troubleshooting and Motor Control. I began in Motor Controls and relied on my AutoCAD experience to help develop material for each coming lesson. I quickly realized that I could not design a schematic quickly and easily. I spent far too many hours preparing for each day's lesson. I was sure that there had to be a better way.

With my programming experience, I thought, "OK, I can design something that will allow me to create drawings quickly and easily." And thus, EZ Schematics was born.

To date, I've gained the trust of several hundred customers around the world who also agree that my idea was better. They saw the same vision that I had - draw it quickly and simply - and when it prints... make it purdy!

And "purdy" it is. Beats the heck out of napkins and toilet paper! Anyway, hope to welcome you on board!


Dan Wade

President - Wade Instruments and Service, Inc.




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