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Product Description - EZ Contract Proposal - Software for Itemized Contract Proposals
Current Product Version: 2.4.1 - Latest Upgrade Date: 3/17/09

If you place any value on time and appearance at all, there is no software that offers what EZ Contract Proposal does. The entire purpose of the software is to design, save and print contract proposals as quickly as possible - and at the same time - provide the means to deliver to your client an end product (that being, the finished document) that rings true to the professionalism and detail your company represents. 

As you already know, developing a proposal for a client is usually not a one time deal. You may develop 2, 3 or more proposals before a final contract can be drawn. We make that process easy... but just one of the reasons why we developed this software and added the features that exist. 

EZ Contract Proposal provides the end user with the means of creating, editing, delivering, saving and printing professional looking contract proposals with speed and ease of use. The learning curve could not possibly be lower. Whether you're an electrical contractor, a wedding planner, a CNC retrofitter, a caterer, an interior decorator or any other profession that requires itemized contract proposals, this software provides the solutions you seek. You can view a screenshot here, though one view does little justice to the true power and magic of this software.

There's no need for calculating totals, we do it for you. There's no reason to misspell or even finish typing the word or phrase you're thinking of... it's already done.

And, our WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) format style for editing clearly displays what the end document will look like as you develop it. No database tables to fill out only for you to return and find the results are not what you expected... just common sense editing and typing - much as one would do on a conventional typewriter but with all the features listed below:

Best described, EZ Contract Proposal exemplifies the beneficial features of a combination of well known software applications and rolls them into one package... one that you need to create a proposal demonstrating PROFESSIONAL PRESENTATION - and one that can be learned and applied by everyone very quickly. 

Features Include:=

* Provisions for up to 6 pages of editable content for a contract proposal including duplicate copies of the final page that contains all sub-totals and totals (including tax, if applicable), the contract terms and conditions, areas for both the company representative and client signatures with dates and Payment Remittance Area complete with all pertinent company information.

* Automatic Calculation of all values in the Amount Fields. (including automatic in-line calculation as well).

* Automatic completion of Words and Phrases from the Frequent Terms List. Even as proper case such as "Maid of Honor". 

* Automatic backup of the file you're working on to the Backup Folder.

* Ability to create with a single keystroke (F8) quantity, description and value areas.

* Ability to fluidly navigate to a different Frequent Terms List by a single keystroke (F5).

* Ability to create and save different File Formats... enabling the user to not only mimic pre-existing corporate documents in every fashion (logo, font, style and word positioning) but to create pre-defined categories... adding different styles and contract language to a variety of proposals.

- Features continued below. Click on images to see enlarged views of various pages.

Page 1 Edit Mode Page 1 Print Mode Page 2 Edit Mode Page 2 Print Mode Page 6 Edit Mode Page 6 Print Mode

- Features Continued...

* Automatically applies company and client information in all applicable areas such as page titles, page footers and the Payment Remittance Area.

* Easy navigation from one Field to the next - page scrolling is unnecessary.

* Spell Check (requires installation of Microsoft Word) - Point of note: Even if you don't have Word installed, difficult to spell words can always be included in your Frequently Used Terms List.

* Automatically names the document as per the Client's Name, which makes saving and opening proposals simplistic - especially for novice computer users.

* Smart Search - Shows all locations of Search Phrase with one click navigation to those areas.

* Address Book whose information can be merged to and from the proposal with a click of the mouse.

* Contract Manager which allows you to simply copy and paste pre-existing contract language and incorporate permanently into the software.

* Adjustable Sales Tax Rate and the ability to create tax-exempt fields.

* Ability to save your proposal as a simple text file which can be emailed to the client and viewed from any computer, regardless of programs installed.

* Ability to create associated Footnote Files... documents related to the event but viewable only by staff.

Purchase includes 90 days technical support and upgrades. A fully functional free sample can be downloaded here.

Read about the latest update here.



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Note: *Free technical support and upgrades are not available with special promotional offers. Technical support is, however, available at $65.00 per hour.