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Any term (word or phrase) entered into the Frequently Used Term List (the list displayed in the illustration below to the right) can include pricing that will automatically be tallied with the Quantity entered. For example, and as demonstrated in the image below, Gold Lace Ribbons Option #1[25.00] is listed in the Frequently Used Terms. The phrase (Gold Lace Ribbons Option #1) is followed by an associated amount enclosed in square brackets, i.e., [25.00]. In the following example, when the user fills in the quantity and begins typing the letters g and o, Gold Lace Ribbons Option #1 is automatically suggested for completion. Once completed, the associated amount is tallied with the quantity entered.

Again, using this example, the quantity = 20 and the price associated with Gold Lace Ribbons Option #1 is $25.00. The results are automatically tallied and displayed in the amount field as $500.00. That amount, combined with the existing amounts, is also automatically calculated and displayed on the final page which includes the sub-total, taxable total, tax, total, deposit and balance due. More continued below the image...

Automatic In-Line Calculation

Additionally, the user needn't type the phrase "Gold Lace Ribbons Option #1" at all... they can simply drag and drop the phrase into the text area. The calculation will still be completed as described above.

Although the software comes pre-populated with suggested terms, any (or all) of these terms can, and should, be modified by the end user. Just remember to enclose the amount for each phrase in square brackets ([]) at the end of the word or phrase.

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