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EZ Color Codes - The Easiest HTML Color Manager ... and it's FREE!
HTML Color Manager
EZ Color Codes provides the means to quickly choose a color and copy the color code into your application. Whether it's a web page or Visual Basic program - or any other application, it doesn't matter.

Choose the slide increments you want and then adjust the slides to find your desired color. Once a color is selected, copy the color code to paste into the application of your choosing... be it in Hexadecimal, HTML or Integer format - it doesn't matter, we've covered all the bases.

As stated, this program is absolutely FREE to anyone and everyone and will function across most Windows platforms. If you try it, like it and wish to make a donation - even a dollar - that would be nice! Contact Us!

Our goal is to continue to provide free software for as long as we can. We encourage those who can afford to make a donation to do so. For those of you who can't, don't worry about it! Download the software and use it! That's what it's there for!

Regardless, we hope you get good use out of this program and keep coming back. More free software will become available unless we run out of money... and I doubt that will happen!

Thanks for visiting! Don't forget to check out our other downloads!


Download EZ Color Codes here.


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