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Keyword Examiner 2.0 - Website Keyword Density Analysis Software

Finally, an application that fully analyzes the keyword density of a web page in the areas that really matter. Developed by website developers for website developers, this Windows application comes fully equipped with all the tools that you need to get higher search engine rankings quickly and easily.

What the Keyword Examiner is...

A feature rich, robust software application designed for professional web site developers who want to help their clients achieve the highest search engine rankings possible. It enables the end user to fully analyze a web page and clearly see all of the keyword strengths and weaknesses and, at the same time, enable them to compare the selected web page to successful competitors' web pages.

Some Features and Functions Include:

The Keyword Project Manager

The Keyword Project Manager is where most of the software's features and functions can be observed. It is the default start up window and allows for simultaneous displays of the Web Page Title, Description, Content (or Body) and the Keyword List along with the Category Quick Stats.

Category Quick Stats

Lets you see how many words and characters are in each of the 3 major categories which are: Title, Description and Body. Also displays how many keywords match from the keyword list, the keyword match percentage and the unique keyword count.

The Keyword List Manager

The Keyword List Manager allows for management of the keyword list including: adding and removing keywords, editing keywords and searching and highlighting of keywords within the web page's title, description and body (content). Includes additional features not mentioned here.

EZ Browser

Allows for the viewing and exporting of HTML documents into the Keyword Project Manager for full keyword analysis.

The Search Phrase Analysis Manager

Allows for searches to be performed on the web page; highlights found keywords in each of 7 different categories including: Web Page Title, Description, Body, Keyword List, Alt Tags, Comments and URL. Also calculates keyword density for each search performed. Searches can be done as either whole or partial matches.

Keyword Density Statistics

After performing a search, calculates the search term frequency and keyword density in each category. These same statistics are also saved to the Search Analysis Reports.

Keyword Density Graphs

After performing a search, visually displays the keyword density for each category. Scales are selectable from 1 to 100%.

Search Analysis Reports

View, save and print reports of search performed with the Search Phrase Analysis Manager.

Additional Search Statistics

Demonstrates whether all the search terms were found and the closest word proximity in which those keywords were found.

Keyword Import Wizard

Allows for the importing of keyword lists (in various formats) into the Project Manager. Those formats include: keyword lists separated by commas only, keywords separated by commas and spaces, keywords separated by linefeed and other special characters which may be specified by the user.

EZ Editor

View, search and edit the text within a document. Documents can be saved as plain or rich text format. Word searches can be performed and saved to list boxes with their associated found locations for easy retrieval.

Spell Check, Thesaurus (requires Microsoft Word)

Check the spelling of your documents and get alternative suggestions for highly repetitive words.

Word Position, Cursor Position

Simply click on a word to get both the cursor position and word count. Very useful when preparing web pages for search engine submission.

File Manager with Favorite Folder Management

Now you can open and save documents and Keyword Projects in a snap. Save a folder to your Favorite Folder List for quick access to frequently opened folders.

Favorite Application Manager

With the Favorite Application Manager, any of your most frequently used programs can be saved to the list and launched with a simple double-click of the mouse. No more going through the "Start" and "Program Files" routine. 

Internet Search Wizard

Now you can save both search engines and search phrases into one convenient form for quick and easy access to all your favorite search engines. The Internet Search Wizard automatically copies the selected phrase to memory and navigates to the search engine of your choice. All you have to do is "CTRL & V" (paste).

Search Engine Submission URLs Manager

Add, edit and remove your favorite Search Engine Submission URLs in a snap.

Web Page Submission Wizard

Eases the process of manually submitting websites to search engines (which is the only way we recommend). The Web Page Submission Manager automatically copies the contents of the Web Page Title, Description and Keyword List from the Project Manager, stores and navigates to your favorite Search Engine Submission URLs for easy website submission.

Stop Word List Manager

Enables you to remove the Stop Words from the Title, Description and/or Content (Body) and perform another search analysis for alternative keyword density counts and graphs.

Unique Keyword List

Shows the Unique Keywords (from the Keyword List) in the Web Page Title, Description and Body (Content).


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