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Speed Task - Dragging and Dropping Images on Dates

In the Monthly Calendar View below, we've taken the liberty to insert some of the Speed Task Icons to demonstrate how unnecessary it is to type sometimes.

Each of these icons (images) have been inserted with a simple click-and-drag motion from the Icon List and each possess their own unique hover caption (displayed during the mouse over event and defined by you, the end user). Both the Icons pictures and captions can be edited to your liking. We plan to add additional images (there are currently 144) as time permits and as we continue to get feedback from end users. Regardless, we can also create custom icons for you at a modest fee.

In this case, we'll explain what each date with Icons represents to us in the monthly example below:

Nov 2: A credit card bill is due

Nov 3: The gas bill is due

Nov 4: A car payment is due

Nov 5: Make a phone call to an angry customer

Nov 6: A home remodeling project is scheduled

Nov 9: The water bill is due

Nov 10: A doctor's appointment is scheduled for 8:00 AM

Nov 11: Dinner with an undisclosed person

Nov 12: Breakfast with an undisclosed person

Nov 16: FedEx shipment

Nov 17: UPS shipment

Nov 18: An electric bill is due

Nov 19: I begin my vacation

Nov 25: I'll return from vacation (maybe!!!)

Calendar Insert Icons
Of course, the insertion of Icons is only meant to be a step saver. Use the Notes and the Planner fro more details.

A more complete description about Speed Task - the Ultimate Task Management Program can be found here.

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