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Speed Task Birthday Alerts - A Perpetual Reminder so You'll Never Forget Again
With our Birthday Management and Alert System, you'll never forget another birthday.

Simply open the Birthday Manager, as displayed below, and enter a name and birthday; the birth year is optional. Once entered, you'll never be asked to update again. Every year afterwards (perpetually and continuously) our software will readjust and place the birthday calendar mark appropriately and alert you in a timely fashion - so you won't forget.

Perpetual Birthday Manager
Whether it's a 12 month, 6 month or 1 month view - Speed Task provides the means to always indicate and display the upcoming birthdays. And, from every view, we continually display your birthday alerts. At the bottom right hand of the screen - as seen below, you'll see every birthday that's upcoming. Click on any name to retrieve the upcoming date.
Birthday Alerts Displayed
And perhaps - most importantly of all - every calendar view displays the birthdays in your pre-chosen color. So... when you open our software in whatever calendar view, you know instinctively, which dates are birthdays and which dates are not.

But that's not all... additionally you can print (from the 1 Month View) all of the birthdays which occur during the chosen month. In the above image, you'll see 7 dark blue markers in the month of December. This was the color we chose for birthdays, and, should we choose to open the 1 month calendar, each and every birthday within that month would be printed - IN COLOR - Name and Date.


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