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Speed Task - The Ultimate Task Management Software Solution

Click here for the European Version of Speed Task LE

Speed Task is a software solution unmatched by any other program. No other software is designed to plan and manage your time and daily projects more efficiently than this program. Once you try it and recognize all of its capabilities, we guarantee that you’ll use it as often, if not more, than any other program you own. It’s that powerful and feature rich.

Whatever your daily tasks are, Speed Task delivers the event and time management you seek. Utilizing a graphical calendar based system, its features encompass everything one would desire in a PIM and small business management software application.

Speed Task Features Include:

* Daily Task Management Functions
* Project Assignment Capabilities
* Personal Information Management (PIM)
* Daily Planner
* Reminders for both Important Alerts and Birthdays
* Creation of Expense Reports (from Planner)
* Creation of Mileage Reports (from Planner)
* 3 Distinct Calendar Views
* Monthly Template Creation
* To Do list

In short, Speed Task has everything you need to get your personal life and business organization organized fast. It is the software solution you’ve always wanted.

A screenshot is available to view along with a more detailed description below.


Speed Task Screenshot
This is not just another “calendar program”… it is unequivocally the most comprehensive time management software application available today.

Utilizing 14 different user defined categories, it allows you to distinctly mark each date with unique color and caption, not to mention the ability to create daily planners and notes.

Its Alert feature provides you with the flexibility to alter both displayed message and alert notification period. And, with its Birthday Alert feature, you’ll never forget to send that special someone at least a note to remind them that they’re in your thoughts.

If you’re a salesman or saleswoman, a businessman or businesswoman, you couldn’t have a better traveling companion than Speed Task. All your mileage and expenses can be automatically tallied and recorded, printed as a report, and/or emailed back to your home base for reimbursement.

Have an assignment for someone out of reach? Simple – develop the time-lined planner, notes or to do list and email it. Or, simply place it in their personal share folder (which we create automatically for you) so they can retrieve it at their convenience.

Don’t like to type? Neither do we – that’s why we’ve designed this software so that you can simply right-click on a date to mark its significance – or, drag and drop an icon. And that’s also why we’ve developed one of the most unique functions you’ll find in any software application – word and phrase auto-completion. No, it’s not like you’ve experienced with your web browser or other program. These suggested words and phrases are of your own design, and… the more Frequently Used Terms Lists you create, the more powerful the function becomes.

Do you wish you could pay all your bills on time - never forget an appointment, important meeting or phone call again? Wish no more… we’ve provided for all of that; not to mention reminders for leisurely activities such as vacations, sporting events, family gatherings and more.

The User Interface provides the means to not only visually see upcoming important events, but also to record these events, tasks and meetings with fewer keystrokes than any program on the market today.

Utilizing color codes, icons and hover text, Speed Task makes personal and business schedule management a snap.

Some of its unique features are outlined below:

* 3 Distinct Calendar Views
* Date Marking Flexibility
* Critical Alerts
* Birthday Alerts
* Expense Reports
* Mileage Reports
* Monthly Calendar Printout including Detailed List
* Drag and Drop Graphical Icons (144 to select from)
* Automatic Completion of Words and Phrases
* General Notes for Each Day
* Detailed Planner for Each Day
* Date Functions
* Importing and Exporting of Tasks and Notes
12 Month Calendar (default) View shown above.

Download the trial version here. It's free to try for 14 days.

The price is $19.95 PER LICENSE.




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