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Speed Task LE - The Ultimate Task Management Software Solution on a Budget

New European Version - Supports Dates Structured as Day/Month/Year

Speed Task is the most powerful and easy to use software application for managing your important personal and small business tasks such as:

* Bill Due Date Notification
* Upcoming Event Alerts
* Appointments
* Travel
* Entertainment
* Birthday Management
* Family Matters
* To Do List
* Vacations

The User Interface provides the means to not only visually see upcoming important events, but also to record these events, tasks and meetings with fewer keystrokes than any program on the market today.

Utilizing color codes, icons and hover text, Speed Task makes personal and business schedule management a snap.

It provides you with the following features and more:

* 3 Different Calendar Views
* Date Marking Flexibility
* Critical Alerts
* Birthday Alerts
* Monthly Calendar Printout including Detailed List Displaying Birthdays and Notes
* Drag and Drop Graphical Icons (144 to select from)
* Automatic Completion of Words and Phrases
* General Notes for Each Day
* Date Functions
Speed Task LE Screenshot
12 Month Calendar (default) View shown above.

Download the trial version here. It's free to try for 14 days (fully functional).

The price is $29.00 PER LICENSE.



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