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About Task Management Software and How to Choose
There are many task management software applications on the market today and it's important to understand what your needs really are and which program best fits those needs.

For example, while we offer a graphical approach for entering data (designed for speed), other may offer a more textual approach (designed for more precise detail).

And while neither can be described better one than the other, it's good that the diversity exists as we'll demonstrate.

Our task management approach is aimed for small businesses and individuals who require a day-to-day structure. For example, the salesman or businessman (woman) who's often on the road and doesn't have time to enter minute details at the end of the day. Other programs offer a more lengthy time frame - perhaps week-to-week or month-to-month and are more geared to group assignments - though we offer similar, as well.

In the final analysis, you must decide which type of application will be best suited to get you organized and organized quickly.

Below, we've included an image of our homepage screenshot. You'll notice that each date (those marked) are highlighted with specific colors and hover text. By offering this graphical calendar as it appears, you needn't open a database to determine the significance of each date. Their color alone tells you what's going on, and, if that wasn't enough, you can simply place the mouse over the date to refresh your memory.

Task Management Software
12 Month Calendar (default) View shown above.

Download the trial version here. It's free to try for 14 days and costs only $49.00 PER LICENSE.


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