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Thunder Page - The Ultimate Text Editing Software Application

For Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, ME, Vista - Download the free 14 day Trial Version here
Most of us are capable of typing small words with ease - such as the, and, for, if, etc. But for the slow at hand, larger words can pose a problem. Especially if they're difficult to spell or our mind is just, well - dysfunctional at the moment.

Thunder Page allows you to type with confidence. No other program allows you to build a list of words and have them automatically completed as you type like this software application does.

Using the illustration below as an example, I've stored "determination" in my FUT (Frequently Used Terms) list because I knew that this particular word could pose problems as I typed. So, with my "trigger" (set point) set at 3 characters, as soon as I typed "det", "determination" was suggested for completion.

Continued below...

At this point, I could elect to complete the word by pressing the ENTER key or choose to type through the suggested word to complete - I don't know, maybe, "detrimental"?

I think you get the point. Try the software for free - you've got nothing to lose.


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