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EZ Schematics Pro - Simply the easiest to use cad program for developing electrical schematics and electrical single line diagrams, hydraulic and pneumatic schematics and diagrams, control circuit or line diagrams.

Download the fully functional Free Trial Version Here (less than 3.5 MB). Register and Purchase Here for $149.00.

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Help Tutorial Videos can be viewed here.

Some of Our Nema Symbols.

Access to Our Free Symbol Libraries.


Hydraulic/Pneumatic CAD Software - Motor Control Logic, Line Diagram Software

Never before has there been a CAD program easier to use than EZ Schematics Pro. Check out our free libraries. If you need to draw electrical schematics or a hydraulic diagram quickly and easily, this is the program you can count on. View sample drawings here in PDF format.

EZ Schematics Pro Screen Shot

(From the developer) "Being somewhat proficient in AutoCad myself, I'll choose EZ Schematics Pro any day of the week over AutoCad for drawing a hydraulic or pneumatic diagram. When it comes to putting onto paper a concept very quickly and precisely, our software will win in every case. And it's because of the simplicity we've built into it. It doesn't get any easier than this."

In addition to the software being a simple to use CAD program, its rich features also make it easy to utilize the program as a training mechanism. Case in point shown below.

In the above circuit, we've demonstrated user created symbols vs. embedded symbols. The embedded symbols reside on the left of the drawing and the user created symbols reside on the right.

Standard Embedded Hydraulic Symbols Include:

Hydraulic Pumps
Hydraulic Motors
2 Way Valves
3 Way Valves
Check Valves
Flow Control Valves
Relief Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves
2 Position Solenoid Valves
3 Position Solenoid Valves
Single Acting Cylinders
Double Acting Cylinders
Flow Meters
And more...

The image below shows just a portion of the hydraulic symbols that are available for your use. Click the on the image to enlarge.

Hydraulic Schematic Symbols

You can download EZ Schematics Pro here, it's free to try.

More symbol libraries can be found here.

Create Your Own Symbols with Ease



Q: I downloaded the software and a warning popped up. What's this about?
A: Nothing to panic about. Downloading and installing the software will not harm your computer. The warning is merely to inform you that Wade Instruments has not went through the publisher certification process which re-ensures customers that the product is safe to install and that we are who we say we are. We intend to join soon. More about the warning can be found here.

For more information about the safety of EZ Schematics, click the Clean Award Image below.
EZ-Schematics antivirus report at FileCluster.com

Q: I received the message "Setup fatal error: Unable to generate installation log file" after double-clicking the setup button. How do I resolve this issue?
A: The error happens because you don't have permission to install a program. You'll need to have an administrator install the software for you.

Q: Can I create and save my own symbols?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there any plans to develop more symbol libraries, like PID or electrical floor plan symbols?
A: Yes. those libraries are being developed as of this writing.

Q: Can the symbols be resized?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I change the font and font size?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I save a drawing in the .dwg format?
A: No. At least not as of 11/18/12.

Q: Can I save the drawing as a PDF?
A: Yes. Saving as a PDF requires a third party tool, such as Bullzip PDF Printer, which is a free download.

Q: When I try to print the drawing, it comes out on 2 or more sheets of paper. What's wrong?
A: You have an element or label on the drawing that is outside the boundaries of the printer. There are 2 possible causes:
1. Access the printer properties and select the correct paper size from the list.
2. You have inadvertently moved an item to a location you cannot see. Before proceeding, save a copy of your drawing. Then, open the drawing and select all items by pressing CTRL + A. Use the SHIFT and UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT arrow to move the items to extreme locations until the unseen element comes into view. Delete that element and select all again and move as previously mentioned. As a last resort, send us the file so that we can fix the drawing.

Q: Why do I receive an error 380 when trying to print?
A: See previous answer.

A recently developed 3 Way and 4 Way lighting circuit as a PDF.

At Wade Instruments and Service, we set the way for symbology.


If you would like to know more about downloading and trying this incredible software for creating electrical and hydraulic schematics for free, contact us with your questions. We'll be glad to assist.


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