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Thunder Page - Keyword Analysis and Deployment Software to Enhance Job Resumes
For Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista
To position your resume near the top of an employer's tall stack of potential applicants, you need to do some research on job specific terminology and related keywords so you can adjust both your Cover Letter and Resume accordingly. Thunder Page provides all the tools required to accomplish both.

First of all - as a research tool, it has the capabilities to fully analyze a help wanted classified ad and return specific data in the form of two lists - each list containing every non-stop* word associated with the ad. The first list is sorted alphabetically, the second by occurrence (word count). We let you be the judge as to which words and phrases are vital (keywords to be focused on) through visual analysis coupled with personal experience in that field of expertise.

Secondly - Thunder Page allows you to add words (and phrases) to create a keyword list based on the content of that ad. That keyword list would then be used for analysis of your Cover Letter and Resume. As an example, was "controls engineer" mentioned in the ad but not found in your resume? You might have missed it and with this software application, you'll know for sure and can include it.

Third point - Compiling a keyword list from several different help wanted ads will probably introduce terms and phrases you may have overlooked. That's one of the things that makes this software so unique and valuable. You can literally analyze several ads and compile a comprehensive keyword list in under a minute or two.

Finally - Once your keyword list has been compiled, you can analyze your cover letter and resume objectively, observing first hand both the keywords that have been included and those omitted.

Below is a screen shot of a sample analysis on a job search performed for "maintenance electrician". The help wanted ad is displayed in the Word Frequency Analyzer window while the resume is examined in the main window. Note how the keywords can be highlighted in different colors and how the background shading can be adjusted.

Thunder Page is available to try for free for 14 days. You can download the fully functional trial version here.

*Stop Words: Commonly used words such as "the", "and", "or", etc.
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